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“Happy New Year! We look forward to helping you with your IT needs throughout 2018. ICE Consulting offers a comprehensive range of managed IT services and on-call consulting to small to medium-sized clients in a range of industries. In this month’s newsletter, we highlight nine myths about managed IT services.”
— Uzair


Managed IT Services are Too Expensive

This myth began from the misunderstanding that managed IT replaces much of your IT work load.  In fact, if you hire a monthly IT service provider like ICE Consulting you won't have to budget for the day-to-day IT needs within your organization. Many software purchases and upgrades are covered under your managed IT contract, along with support, service and 24/7 proactive monitoring.


Your business will always have up-to-date patches, which prevents ransomware from infiltrating or spreading, and you'll run on optimum security levels 24/7/365. 



Managed IT is a One-Size-Fits-All Solution


All managed IT service offerings are not the same. ICE Consulting's Managed IT Services are designed exclusively for each business and client we work with. By listening to your specific needs and obstacles, we’ll work with you to build a managed IT solution that's specifically geared toward your business. Some of our clients want monthly services, other want to pay on an hourly basis, and others prefer to pay six months in advance. In some cases, clients want to include an office move or have us focus on a larger project. We recognize that every client has a unique situation; therefore we do not have a “cookie-cutter” price list. We will listen closely to your needs and work with you to stay within your price range.


I’ll Save Money by Only Fixing Technology When It’s Broken.

This seems to make sense. By only performing maintenance on your devices when they aren’t operating as intended, you should be able to save money overall. The only problem here is that technology by nature requires that you perform maintenance on it regularly to maintain optimal performance. If you aren’t providing the care that it needs, you’re holding your business back from achieving its greatest potential.


Also, keep in mind that performing routine maintenance is more cost-effective than replacing technology outright. Server units and quality workstations are expensive. If you’re going to buy hardware, wouldn’t it make sense to perform maintenance on it and guarantee a long life, rather than await a premature hardware failure? Managed IT seeks to provide this care throughout the lifetime of your technology to ensure its longevity and proper functionality — thereby protecting your investment.




Technology Doesn’t Need Maintenance Regularly.

Some businesses are under the impression that they don’t use their technology enough to justify regular maintenance routines. This may be because they only use their office productivity suite, the Internet, and not much else. If technology systems don’t receive regular maintenance (like patches and updates), security can quickly become a problem. Also, when you don’t experience a targeted hacking attack, it can be easy to fall into a false sense of security.


Then there’s the problem that comes from having Internet-connected hardware like servers and workstations. Most businesses will be using their technology solutions to browse the Internet and conduct business with email and other communications that could potentially result in a data breach. Do your employees know how to identify phishing scams and other online malicious activity? While most organizations use security solutions like firewalls and antivirus products, these consumer-grade options are often not enough to protect sensitive data from hackers and data breaches.


My Employees And I Can Handle IT All by Ourselves.

This is one of the biggest reasons why companies don’t implement managed IT services; they feel that they can do a fine-enough job managing their own technology. This is great if companies have an internal IT department, but it’s more likely that small businesses are relying on their own employees to perform troubleshooting procedures and basic tech maintenance to save money.


We think it’s always preferable to have a highly skilled technician working with your technology versus one of your busy employees who really should be focusing on your core business. Managed IT allows your team to take a step back and focus on what matters most: your business.

Managed Services Will Cost a Fortune, And I Will Always Be Slammed With Extra Charges.


False, false and false. Managed services can save you an average of 30% on your IT spending over a year! Not to mention that the biggest reason for managed services is proactive support! If your managed service provider is doing an excellent job, there shouldn’t be any surprise charges.


The Bigger the Company, the Better the Service.

For IT services, “bigger size” does not necessarily mean “better service.” Organizations evaluating IT service providers for the first time are often in one of two situations. First, they have delegated IT work to an employee despite IT not being his/her main job function, or second, they have been using a single contractor for ad-hoc support on an hourly basis. Inevitably, these companies will realize their current setup is insufficient when an urgent need arises, at which point they start looking for an MSP.

No matter the provider’s size, if the MSP is overloaded, you won’t receive a rapid response.


What makes ICE Consulting different than other MSPs is that we have our support team divided into sub-teams of specialists, and each team is dedicated to a maximum number of clients.  Long before we reach our maximum support capacity, we begin the process of building added sub-teams to increase capacity and prevent overloading.

Proximity Means Better Service


Not too long ago, having your IT services provider located close to your business was helpful because 70% of work had to be done on-site. However, with the advent of advanced remote monitoring and management tools (RMM), proximity is no longer a good indicator of provider responsiveness. Today, the best MSPs leverage RMM tools to rapidly respond to, diagnose and resolve over 95% of issues from their own offices.

Of course, finding a good provider in your area is beneficial if on-site work and projects are needed. But in the end, the key to success lies in choosing the MSP that will be the best partner, as opposed to the one around the corner from your business.



In-House IT= Better


Professionals who serve a wide range of roles within a company can be called on to deploy, maintain, troubleshoot and fix IT elements. Most businesses aim to grow, and as you expand, so does the support load. Not having someone whose core job involves proactively monitoring and maintaining the reliability and security of your IT resources means it is just a matter of time before a disruption occurs that can prove costly in terms of lost dollars, productivity and data.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have someone on staff, but why not pair this individual with a strong service provider that can help manage the different pieces that fall under the IT umbrella?

In times of high need, we have the staff and the capacity to scale our services to meet that demand quickly and efficiently. You won't need to waste time stressing over whether you need to hire additional IT staff during the busiest times or worry about keeping those staff members busy during slower times. With managed IT services from ICE Consulting, we can “step in and step up” when your organization needs it most.






Another advantage of our approach — we have an ICE-Asia office that has a Network Operation Center (NOC) with system and network engineers that are constantly monitoring the IT infrastructure of our clients and actively working on issues.  They cover server, system and network support as well as user support.


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