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“Small- to medium-sized businesses have many of the same IT needs as larger Fortune 500 firms — they even suffer from cyber attacks as well but rarely have the technical expertise in-house to combat these attacks. At ICE, we can help you focus on managing and protecting your growing IT infrastructure so you can better focus on your core business.”
— Uzair


Ready to Fend Off Cyber Attacks? Let ICE Help!


Most of us hear about the larger businesses that get hacked like Yahoo! and the one billion emails that were compromised. However, in the last year, hackers have breached half of US small to medium sized businesses. This includes Meridian Health where 1,200 workers’ W-2 forms were stolen when an employee was fooled by an email alleging to be from a high-level corporate executive.


Here at ICE Consulting, we know that almost any company can be vulnerable to a range of cyber attacks. A network security professional needs to know about the various types of digital threats and how to limit vulnerability. Attackers can be very clever and persistent: If just one person has one weak moment and clicks on one malicious link, an entire network can be compromised.


There’s no way to avoid being the target of a cyber attack, but that doesn’t mean you should become a victim.


ICE Consulting offers a series of simple steps that can result in huge benefits for your firm. These benefits may include:

  • restricting the programs that your employees can run on your computers
  • keeping software updated regularly
  • and minimizing the number of people who have administrative control over networks and key machines.

About ICE Services:

  • Customers have saved up to 25% on average in IT support costs working with us.
  • Whether your data resides in a single location or multi-site environment, we can help you manage access to it and keep it secure.

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How ICE Addresses IT Challenges


ICE Consulting understands that technology has become much more fluid and that technology is changing more rapidly today than ever before. When ICE consultants step in to assist your company and manage your IT department, we initially evaluate your organization’s objective and core values. We then make recommendations on new technology that might be a good fit for your company.


New technologies we might suggest include cloud (public or private offerings), Big Data, virtualization, and mobility solutions. Today, these are the tools that all experienced IT managers should know about and understand.


Although every organization is different, ICE consultants really understand the IT advantages that these modern technologies can offer a small to medium-sized business like yours, and can help you reach your strategic goals. And ‘cloud’ is one new technology that most customers want to talk to us about.


Cloud Integration
Cloud technology is all about making your business more responsive, scalable, and competitive. Yet despite this fact, many organization still haven’t made cloud plans or a developed a true strategy for integration. This is where ICE Consulting can help you. We’ve been building cloud infrastructures for more than 10 years.



Our cloud services expertise includes:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Different cloud-based, backup solutions
  • Rackspace
  • SalesForce
  • Intermedia

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