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We are now officially a 24/7 support company, thanks to the opening of our Asia office. Your business must run around the clock and not suffer from unplanned downtime or service disruptions. With our comprehensive and fully managed IT consulting services, we can give your business the peace of mind it requires.” — Uzair


ICE Goes International

Offers Fully Managed 24/7 IT Solution

Our new Asia Office and team allow us to offer support 24 hours a day and seven days a week to our many clients. This capability ensures that our clients are always protected from unplanned downtime and service disruptions. As an example, if your company has a user problem at 11 p.m. on a Friday night or any other service issue in the middle of the night or over the weekend, we are available to troubleshoot and resolve your issue. Keep in mind, our Network Operations Center (NOC) continually monitors and manages your network to ensure the best performance for your business. But should you see any issues whatsoever, please call our 800 number and a friendly, reliable and educated ICE Consulting team member will assist you and get you up and running fast. We think this is something that truly differentiates our service. Most MSPs are unable to transition to a fully managed 24/7 IT solution because of staffing restrictions and overhead costs, but ICE is not willing to put our clients in a compromising position. Downtime costs often far outweigh the complications that can emerge during gaps in coverage. As an example, downtime, loss of productivity, and lack of readiness can cause major damage if an outage occurs over the weekend and isn’t found or acknowledged until Monday when your business reopens.


At ICE Consulting, we believe that with so many threats occurring outside of a company’s network environment that it is critical for companies to always stay protected. And that requires 24/7 monitoring.



“Nonstop IT support offers peace of mind so you know when you are out of the office your network is being completely managed and monitored,” says Uzair Sattar, CEO of ICE Consulting. 


Our 24/7 ‘live’ support includes:

  • A commitment from every ICE team member to make your experience with us as efficient and pleasant as possible. We ensure your network environment is up and running and optimized around the clock.
  • We quickly address your incoming emails, phone calls, tickets and help troubleshoot and resolve any issues you have as fast as possible. 
  • As a client of ours, we get to know you personally and work hard to build a strong, friendly working relationship you and your business.
  • We can support your needs in multiple locations and time zones worldwide.

Our Asia Office location can be found here on our website.



A Case Study

On-Call Services vs. 24/7 Monitoring


Some new clients want to keep costs low and more predictable. In this case, they may sign up for ‘on-call’ services that offer lower costs but don’t protect the network habitat 24/7. Unlike a front lawn that requires predictable care, networks are more like ‘cars’ that are unpredictable and require constant insurance in case of emergency.
One of our financial clients recently didn't see the need for 24/7 monitoring and support.


Unfortunately, they were hit with a server outage over a weekend that crippled them by the time they arrived to work on Monday morning. They called ICE and asked us to be onsite ASAP so they could get their employees back to work and online, and restore uptime.

Since fixing this problem fell outside of our monthly 24/7-support agreement, all the work we did to recover the server and get them up and running was billed hourly. Not only did the client have a larger bill to contend with, but they also suffered a loss of productivity that could have been avoided with 24/7 monitoring.

Needless to say, if we had been managing and monitoring them from the start, ICE Consulting would have spotted the issue immediately, opened and closed a ticket a lot quicker and with minimal impact to their business operations.


In this case, the client quickly acknowledged the benefit of having our monthly managed 24/7 support — having lived through this outage chaos. Since then, the client has signed up for our managed monthly services that include managing and checking their network operations 24/7.

With this level of coverage, we help clients:

  • Identify trends with their servers and network to better understand what caused a particular failure.
  • Gather additional data and information to improve network efficiency.
  • Offer an even better level of support for their business.
This is just one of example of how offering 24/7 support has helped a client save money and keep their network productivity up and running and profitable. Nonstop IT support gives companies the peace of mind to know that the network is always being completely managed and monitored. And that is priceless.


ICE Motto of the Month

“A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy of All.”

— Customer Service Team


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