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“The holiday season is a great time of year to give thanks, and to be grateful to our ICE Consulting customers, partners, and readers. Your loyalty and friendship mean a great deal to us. We’re on this IT journey together as we continue our commitment to help make your business successful and prosperous in 2018 and beyond. We wanted to close out this year of ‘intelligence’ to the year of ‘transition and disruption’ with a few IT suggestions.”
— Uzair


Knowledge is Power

We all know the cloud is secure. While the cloud can reduce the overall security scope of traditional IT, it doesn’t eliminate the responsibility altogether – it changes it. New advancements in technology will continue to open new methods to exploit weakness. Attackers are looking for the path of least resistance and most often their opportunity comes when your users mistakenly facilitate a breach through a phishing email. This makes empowering users to recognize threats and educating them on security protocols one of the most important initiatives moving into 2018.

In fact, here’s some advice from market research firm Gartner that talks about the importance of combating existing vulnerabilities:

“Through 2020, zero-day vulnerabilities will play a role in less than 0.1% of attacks in general, excluding sensitive government targets. It’s easy to get caught up in the notion of zero-day attack, but the vast majority of attacks that are successful exploit well-known vulnerabilities. Zero-day attacks are what people tend to worry about, but it’s not a typical case. It’s important that security teams combat existing vulnerabilities and ensure basic security is effective.” — From ‘Smarter with Gartner’


Keep Calm and Multicloud


Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. The company delivers technology research for global technology business leaders to help them make informed decisions on key initiatives and keeps its readers informed of emerging trends, technologies, and innovations.  According to a Gartner report (The Future of the Data Center in the Cloud Era) as quoted on the Equinix Blog:  “A multicloud strategy will become the common strategy for 70% of enterprises by 2019, up from less than 10% today. As multicloud becomes more prevalent, we see an increasing enterprise need to bring its management under control on a hybrid IT platform.”

At ICE Consulting, we always suggest that our clients make sure to distribute applications over multiple clouds. In addition, we suggest relying on redundant clouds for backups and disaster recovery initiatives. This requires a multicloud strategy that can be deployed on a hybrid IT (on-premises and cloud) infrastructure. Having a hybrid of an onsite IT department and an offsite “virtual IT” who is monitoring your clouds 24/7/365 makes sure you are always protected.

Learn more about our cloud offerings here. We have a team of highly experienced engineers who will handle your IT migration to the cloud — with the right planning and careful execution.  ICE Consulting offers complete solutions for cloud services, including options from a private and/or public cloud model



Finding Mr. Right —
Mr. “IT” Right That Is

In the past, it used to be fairly easy to find an IT professional who was up to date with the systems that are critical to running your business. However, in today’s network habitat and the fast pace of technology change, there is a need for diverse skillsets. It requires deep expertise and understanding of a range of technologies, and the ability to ramp up and scale new deployments in the cloud. The traditional “one size fits all” model does not fit for today’s businesses. Also, it has become increasingly difficult for mid-market businesses to vet specialized skills without a background in technologies that have only recently matured.

For many organizations, finding the right external IT partnerships to provide coverage for the depth and breadth of responsibilities and skillsets required is critical. It has become an essential component of modern IT management — and absolutely a must-have for 2018. This is definitely where ICE Consulting stands out as we have IT specialists in each area of the network.


We know IT inside and out – all of the latest trends and newest technologies that will help you achieve the best results for your business. Our areas of expertise include:

  • System and network design and implementation
  • Windows and Linux systems administration
  • Virtualization and storage Solution Provider
  • Network security
  • Secured Wireless solutions
  • Hosted Email services
  • Single-sign on and dual factor authentication
  • Design, implement and manage data centers
  • Hosting servers on different cloud platforms
  • Cloud backup services
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Proactive complete IT Maintenance
  • Large-scale IT projects
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Backup and storage
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Virus and spam protection


While keeping pace in a cloud-first world can feel like an uphill battle, the good news is you don’t have to go at it alone. ICE Consulting’s award-winning Managed Services team can help your organization develop cost-effective, flexible, cloud-first solutions that meet the growing demands of your business today and tomorrow.


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