End-to-End Managed Services

Proactive IT Support That Keeps Your Business Safe and Secure

End-to-End Managed Services

ICE Consulting can solve all of your IT needs and requirements. Our Managed Services take the headache out of managing IT and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your core business. With our proactive management and monitoring, we’ll ensure that your network and systems stay up and running, and we’ll make fire drills a thing of the past. We’ll increase your IT security, simplify IT management, and create a sustainable environment at a cost often less that you are already spending for IT services.

Here are just a few of things provided with this package of services:
  • Provide weekly proprietary Proactive Preventative Maintenance Checklist (PM) on network, servers, storage, and applications
  • Technical Manager assigned to the account that participates in monthly IT meetings to review state of IT affairs and make recommendations and provide solutions
  • Director, IT services
  • Deliver comprehensive, monthly IT report
  • Enhance transparency through regular IT meetings with your team
  • Have primary and secondary engineers on all engagements – not only does this provide consistency of service, but offers you built in redundancy and specialization
  • Provide dedicated support staff along with account manager
  • Monitor IT 24x7x365
  • Offer 24x7x365 ‘live’ help desk support
  • Document all IT issues — details entire IT infrastructure, provides up-to-date information
  • Provides experienced client success group to provide quote on all hardware, software and manage and renew all hardware and software warranties and licensees
  • Manage vendors — everything from vendor selection to negotiations to purchasing

With our proprietary management portal, you can always check in on the status of any issues identified and addressed by ICE engineers. We also log all hours into this system. This level of transparency for IT management and administration is a key differentiator of our services.

ICE Consulting

“ICE designed our data center, configured and installed the system and network, and are now managing it for us — 800+ physical servers, 100+ network switches, and more than 3-petabytes of data.

— Senior Director IT, Telecommunication Company

“ICE has helped us design and implement a robust IT infrastructure as our company grew from 25 employees to 200+ employees and are currently maintaining the existing systems and network.”

— Senior Director Bioinformatics & IT, Biotech Company

“When our company was moving to a new building, ICE took care of the new office and server-room build-out and IT-related services. ICE did it all. They mapped server-room, power, HVAC, and cabling requirements. They selected, ordered, and installed data and voice lines. They configured and set up our entire IT hardware and software infrastructure—servers, firewall, switches, backup, storage, and everything else. They worked directly with all the vendors and updated us weekly. In fact, ICE even worked with the moving company to transfer over our existing IT hardware and helped us settle in. Thanks to ICE, the move went very smoothly. ICE is now maintaining our IT infrastructure.”

— Vice President Bioinformatics & IT, Biotech Company

“ICE designed our infrastructure when we were only a twenty-employee company. As our business has grown — we now employ over a hundred people — ICE has been able to grow and manage our IT infrastructure with no trouble.”

— Vice President, Finance & Operations, Biotech Company

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