Complete Solutions for Data Center and Cloud

We help make your more responsive, more scalable, and ultimately more competitive.

We help make you more responsive, more scalable, and ultimately more competitive

Flexibility. Scalability. Accessibility and security. You require it all. As technology advances and data growth continues to explode, you must figure out how to harness the latest technology to your advantage — cost effectively and efficiently. That’s where ICE Consulting comes in. We can help you maintain the technology flexibility of your data center by managing all your infrastructure needs. And our cloud services will keep your data safe and always accessible and even reduce your operational costs.

For data center and cloud, ICE Consulting can provide complete outsourced managed IT services and on-call consulting services.

Data Center Offerings

Your data center may be one of your biggest expenses. Whether you have a few servers or hundreds of servers along with hundreds of terabytes of storage, our managed IT services offer the services you need including:

  • Select the data center that meets your business requirements
  • Assess and analyze power requirements
  • Assess and analyze network requirements
  • Assess and analyze ISP and connectivity
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Server and data migration
  • Data center monitoring
  • Data virtualization
  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • Backup and disaster recovery

As an example, we have been managing the data center for AT&T Big Data in Santa Clara, California for more than four years. Our initial engagement included designing the data center for AT&T Big Data, and configuring and installing all systems and networks. Currently, we are managing the entire data center for them, including 800 physical servers, 80+ network switches, and more than 3 petabytes of data.

Cloud Services

Cloud technology is all about making your business more responsive, scalable, and competitive. We’ve been building cloud infrastructures for more than 10 years. We can help your company adopt the best strategy to migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud. We start by performing a comprehensive IT Audit & Assessment to give us insight into your business processes and current IT infrastructure.

We then carefully review the different variables before selecting the right cloud services, and make sure that it fits your business requirements.  We design all aspects of the network and security, and then recommend the appropriate hardware, software, and Internet bandwidth.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers who will handle your IT migration to the cloud — it all requires planning and careful execution.  ICE Consulting offers complete solutions for cloud services, including options from a private and/or public cloud model.

Cloud services expertise includes:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Different cloud-based, backup solutions
  • Rackspace
  • SalesForce
  • Intermedia

“ICE designed our data center, configured and installed the system and network, and are now managing it for us — 800+ physical servers, 100+ network switches, and more than 3-petabytes of data.

— Senior Director IT, Telecommunication Company

“ICE has helped us design and implement a robust IT infrastructure as our company grew from 25 employees to 200+ employees and are currently maintaining the existing systems and network.”

— Senior Director Bioinformatics & IT, Biotech Company

“When our company was moving to a new building, ICE took care of the new office and server-room build-out and IT-related services. ICE did it all. They mapped server-room, power, HVAC, and cabling requirements. They selected, ordered, and installed data and voice lines. They configured and set up our entire IT hardware and software infrastructure—servers, firewall, switches, backup, storage, and everything else. They worked directly with all the vendors and updated us weekly. In fact, ICE even worked with the moving company to transfer over our existing IT hardware and helped us settle in. Thanks to ICE, the move went very smoothly. ICE is now maintaining our IT infrastructure.”

— Vice President Bioinformatics & IT, Biotech Company

“ICE designed our infrastructure when we were only a twenty-employee company. As our business has grown — we now employ over a hundred people — ICE has been able to grow and manage our IT infrastructure with no trouble.”

— Vice President, Finance & Operations, Biotech Company

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