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“Have you considered Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)? This newsletter explores why we believe ‘now’ is the time. Industry analysts say data breaches will reach an all-time high by the end of 2021. COVID-19 even brought about a cyber-pandemic and we are still in the throes of that today. How do you know that your IT security has not been breached and that you have experienced data loss? You don't know what you don't know. This month’s newsletter is about security and data breach costs and how SOCaaS can be the answer. Starting in 2021, we are more than an MSP; we are also a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). We are proud to announce our new partnership with Securonix, a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provider.”

— Uzair

Protecting Your Organization from Security Breaches

During the last year and a half, security events have exploded both in numbers and scope, and cyber events have transformed society in numerous unfortunate ways. With soaring costs of these events and the potential of more bold plans from malicious actors, it’s important that companies protect their valuable assets—from intellectual property to research data, as well as business deals and partnerships. Security breaches can damage your brand and the reputation of your company and result in millions of dollars in legal expenses to fix the problem.

With security breaches, regulatory fines, penalties, and the complexity of having to manage and monitor it all, many companies simply cannot keep up on their own. Further, a security crisis takes valuable resources and attention away from core business activities. Protecting your organization’s data requires a substantial time investment from your IT staff and still only provides limited visibility. With limited resources dedicated to security, you may not be aware of vulnerabilities and ongoing attacks that your systems are currently deflecting, until after a breach occurs.

At ICE Consulting, we offer a solution to solve this problem.

SOC-as-a-Service from ICE

Security Operations Center-as-a-Service can shift your security posture away from one with only reactive responses to events, to a proactive model with plenty of visibility into your IT environment as well as vulnerability management before breaches occur.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Analyze and assess all activities across your organization's IT infrastructure
  • Provide proactive real-time 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Respond immediately to cyber attacks to avoid security breach
  • Establish Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Benefits of ICE SOCaaS

  1. Security engineers monitoring the dashboard 24/7/365
  2. Cost saving of not having a SOC in-house is around half a million dollars
  3. Centralized log collector to collect and store logs for audit and compliance
  4. Risk management process that reduces chances of security breaches

In addition, we’ve partnered with Securonix to provide an advanced security toolset for our SOCaaS solution to customers. Securonix delivers a next-generation security analytics and operations management platform for the modern era of big data and advanced cyber threats. The company was named a leader in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

“ICE Consulting is an experienced MSSP that offers a full range of security services to their customers. They have a highly skilled staff that understands the value of providing the best solutions to keep their customers protected 24/7. We see ICE Consulting as a strategic MSSP partner in a key geography with unique vertical expertise in biotechnology and life sciences.”

—Dan Smith, Director, Mid-sized MSSP Business, Securonix


Why ICE Consulting?

We have more than two decades of expertise providing managed IT security and have further expanded our services as an MSSP—a managed security services provider. On average, our team has 15+ years of IT experience at leading tech companies and we are one of the few vendors with SOC-2 certification.

The SOC- 2 certification is a coveted and hard to obtain information-security certification, and it demonstrates that an independent accounting and auditing firm has examined ICE Consulting organization’s non-financial reporting control objectives and activities, and has actually tested those controls over time to ensure that they are operating securely and effectively. More and more organizations today are asking that their managed service provider (MSP) undergo a SOC-2 audit before engaging with them. This makes perfect sense to us—organizations want to know how secure an outside vendor really is.

To learn more about this, read our August Newsletter.
ICE Consulting is a proud partner of the California Life Sciences (CLS).

ICE Motto of the Month

We’re all in this together. We’ll get through it together — and stronger than before.

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