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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a new crisis arose: the Cyber Pandemic. With increased digitization and remote work practices, cyber threats surged, resulting in an alarming five-fold rise in data breaches. Get your hands on our comprehensive guide packed with essential insights and recommendations. Safeguard your company from this ever-evolving threat.

With the relentless rise of cyber attacks on life science organizations, the methods employed by hackers continue to undergo constant evolution. One particularly alarming tacticis the deliberate targeting of lab networks and equipment. This guide provides invaluable insights into these attacks and equips you with effective strategies to thwart them.

Life science organizations are increasingly targeted by cyber-attacks, surpassing even the financial industry, to join healthcare as the #1 target. Given the vulnerability of lab networks, well-crafted policies and procedures are crucial. This concise guide presents industry best practices to help you keep your policies up-to-date and effective.

Regardless of your company’s size, a secure and scalable infrastructure is crucial for startups and SMBs. It safeguards your organization and supports future growth. Modern cloud solutions eliminate the need for substantial upfront investment. This guide outlines essential components that every startup should establish from the beginning.

In today’s digital landscape, cyber attacks are inevitable. Preparation is key. Strengthen defenses, swiftly contain and minimize the impact of attacks with an Incident Response Plan (IRP). Every company needs a robust IRP to handle cyber threats. Get insights on building a resilient IRP that safeguards your compnay and maintains business continuity.

The trust security model, known as zero trust architecture or perimeterless security, offers a comprehensive approach to IT system strategy, design, and implementation. In today’s evolving landscape, this approach effectively safeguards organizations. This guide highlights the benefits of adopting the ZTNA, ensuring enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Over 80% of surveyed firms admitted to falling victim to hacking. The truth is, it’s no longer a matter of “if,” but rather “when” your business will face a cyber attack. To protect your company, it is crucial to consider implementing a cyber insurance policy. In this guide, we provide insights on what you need to qualify.

To safeguard your company against cyber threats, implementing a Security Operation Center (SOC) is highly effective. Leveraging AI and ML, a SOC offers 24x7x365 security monitoring and response, swiftly identifying and mitigating threats. Discover how to establish your own internal SOC team in our comprehensive guide.

There a misconception that cloud security is solely the responsibility of providers like AWS, Azure, or GCP. However, a shared responsibility model exists. While providers ensure physical security, you must protect your infrastructure and data. Explore our guide on the six pillars of cloud security to fortify your defenses.

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