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Science drives your core business, but science-driven business IT is critical to keep it running. From high throughput computing to large-scale data storage and management, we understand the IT and cybersecurity services you need. Our outsourced managed IT and cybersecurity services can keep your biotech or life sciences business running smoothly so you can get to scientific discovery even faster.

25+ Years of Biotech Expertise

For over two decades, we’ve been helping startup and larger-scale biotech and life sciences firms build out and migrate to new office space, expand research and development functions, begin clinical trials, and later commercialize products and/or complete an initial public offering. IT infrastructure is critical to all of this—as is analyzing any security and threat-related information to keep these organizations and their intellectual property safe and secure. We have helped these companies grow from just 10 employees to more than 1,000 and have consistently been able to scale our services and offerings to best meet their needs.

We at ICE have assisted biotech companies at all the five stages of Life Sciences Development, from startup to manufacturing/commercialization. The business and IT needs and requirements are very different at different stages of the company.

Our Biotech Expertise Includes

For more than two decades, ICE Consulting has been specializing in providing managed Information Technology (IT) services to Biotech and Life Sciences companies at all stages of company’s growth. We can help you take the headache out of managing your IT. We have helped hundreds of biotech startups scale their IT through the five stages to commercialization over the past 25 years. 



Designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining IT, Lab, and Informatics infrastructure. Implement IT processes, and procedures based on best practices.


Assist with company’s rapid growth in terms of personnel and technology. Implement IT solutions to facilitate R&D endeavors. Implement compute and storage network on cloud and/or on-prem. Assist with office expansions.

Clinical trials

Implement solutions to meet regulatory and compliance requirements during different phases of clinical trials. Work with CROs. Implement advanced cybersecurity solutions.


Work with investment bankers on IT due diligence. Ensure your company meets SOX requirements.


Implement IT solutions to meet manufacturing and sales requirements. Also work with different partners and vendors. Provide global support.

Specialized IT Requirements for Biotech & Life Sciences

We have deep expertise in your industry and can help in these areas:


Design and manage secure cloud infrastructures



Collaborate with Informatic Groups



Assist with compliance



Configure and manage HPCs



Configure and manage big data



Assist with LIMS




Configure and manage lab networks



Configure and manage ELNs



Configure and manage Linux systems



Assist with IPO due diligence



Design and manage office expansions



Collaborate with CROs


Partnership with Biotech & Life Science Communities


“We were a startup company with 10 employees, ICE designed our IT infrastructure and our new office space, helped us move to the new office and deployed the entire cloud technology stack, ordered all hardware, software, cloud subscription. ICE has been managing our complete IT infrastructure including Lab network since 2019, we are now around 75 employee company. We are extremely happy and would highly recommend ICE Consulting.


— Vice President, Finance, Small Biotech company

“We engaged with ICE when we were 35 employee company. We grew rapidly and on an adhoc basis. Our IT provider was not very experienced or knowledgeable. After engaging ICE, they right away performed the initial comprehensive IT audit and assessment, submitted a detailed report explain the issues/challenges and provided detailed solutions and recommendations. They were very patient with us and explained all the solutions in detail. Then they migrated us to a secure, reliable, and high-performance IT infrastructure with emphasize on cloud services. Also, we had outgrown our current IT space, ICE worked with the General Contractor and helped us plan in moving to a new 120,000 sq. ft. office building, ICE took care of the new office server-room build-out and IT-related services. ICE did it all. They mapped server-room, power, HVAC, conference room setup, ISP, and cabling requirements. They selected, ordered, and installed data and voice lines. They configured and set up our entire IT hardware and software infrastructure—servers, firewall, switches, backup, storage, and everything else. They worked directly with all the vendors and updated us weekly. In fact, ICE even worked with the moving company to transfer over our existing T hardware and helped us settle in. Thanks to ICE, the move went very smoothly. ICE is our managed IT service provider.”


— IT Director, Mid-size Biotech company

“As a growing biotech company, our company has been using ICE Consulting exclusively for the past 4 years and I am very happy with their solutions and support. ICE has helped us design and implement a robust IT infrastructure as our company grew from 20 employees to 500+ employees and are currently maintaining the existing systems. We trust ICE Consulting and they have always been very prompt in addressing our needs and requirements. Their staff of Windows, Linux, Network engineers, and DBAs are very helpful and knowledgeable with the products that they support. I would highly recommend ICE for providing quality services and to reduce the overall costs of supporting and maintaining the IT infrastructure.”


— Senior Director, InformationTechnology, Mid size biotech company

“ICE designed our infrastructure when we were only 30 employee company. As our business has grown — we now employ over 500 people — ICE has been able to grow and manage our IT infrastructure with no trouble.”


— Vice President, Finance, Large size Biotech company with 1000+ employees

ICE Provides Full Turnkey IT Services to Biotech Client—Helping Them Expand and Relocate

A Track Record of Success and Industry Recognition

SOC 2 Certified

Less than 5% of MSPs have the prestigious SOC 2 Certification that helps ensure the security, confidentiality, and privacy of your company’s data.


Live monitoring, response, and support services—when and wherever you need it most.

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Based on more than 5,000 client reviews.

25 Years in Business

We have been providing Managed It services since 1997.