Cybersecurity Training for Your Business

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ICE Consulting offers comprehensive cybersecurity training for your employees, users, and contractors. Our training services—taught by our IT experts—will help inform and educate your users about the latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities, policies, procedures, and trends.

We cover the following topics:

    • Email and phishing
    • Security at home network
    • Information Security (InfoSec) policies and procedures
    • Acceptable use of assets
    • Password best practices
    • Endpoint management
    • Access control policy
    • Least privilege
    • Securely transmitting data
    • Wireless network management
    • Mobile device management
    • IT asset and risk management
    • Business continuity policy

    Here are some examples of what you will learn

    Information Security Policies

    Why are Information Security Policies so important? They can help protect your business in these ways:


    InfoSec policies govern how sensitive company information is handled

    As security threats have been worsening, the biotech industry is increasingly targeted

    Your company has created these InfoSec policies, which will substantially mitigate cybersecurity risks if properly followed

    Email and Phishing—the #1 Threat You Face Today

    According to a 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), Verizon Enterprise found phishing to be one of the most prevalent action varieties for the data breaches it analyzed. Its researchers specifically observed phishing in more than a third (36%) of breaches. That’s up from 22% a year earlier.

    Phishing emails and text messages might make it past your filters because they convey a sense of urgency, may appear to come from an executive, or ask you to take action that you weren’t expecting. We tell our clients to report any suspicious emails to IT before clicking on links or replying. Always maintain a healthy level of skepticism.

    Password Best Practices

    The biggest problem with passwords? Password reuse, and complexity is not nearly as useful as length at increasing security.

    Mobile Device Management Policy

    We can help you establish this with a few key rules:


    You are prohibited from bringing company-owned mobile devices when traveling to high -risk locations (China, North Korea, etc.).

    The circumvention of built-in security controls on mobile devices (e.g., jailbreaking or rooting) is strictly prohibited.

    Only approved applications should be installed on mobile devices and the use of unapproved application stores is prohibited for company-owned mobile devices.

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