Why ICE?

We’re the IT experts —so you don’t have to be.

ICE: Integrity, Collaboration, Experience

Information technology is becoming more complex by the day. From new software, IT uptime and security, dispersed work force, backup and redundancy, mobility to trends with data centers and cloud technology, and the promise of the Internet of Things, to security requirements, IT complexity can’t be overstated.  Yet despite this, businesses like yours are demanding speed to market like never before. You need IT solutions that will take the headache out of managing your IT, ways to better manage resources and reduce costs, and solutions that won’t slow your innovation or hinder your firm from identifying new business opportunities.

That’s where ICE Consulting comes in.


With ICE — Focus On Your Core

We understand that your business is not in the business of IT service. You need to make your organization more efficient and productive so you can focus on your core business — building better products and services in a wide range of industries, and growing your revenue and customer base. By outsourcing your IT services, we can help you do that. Since 1996, we’ve been providing end-to-end, vendor-independent IT services for small to medium-sized businesses, and have specialized in biotech and life science services as well as data center and cloud offerings.

With ICE — Benefit From the Depth and Breadth of Our Technology Skillset

We’ve been providing IT services to our clients for more than 20 years. We’ve seen technology evolve, and through our 1000s of engagements with customers have become experts on the latest technologies — with the training, certifications, and, most important, experience you can depend on.

With ICE — Make Uptime Your Only Time

Fire drills take away from your firm’s productivity — and downtime is far worse. Outages can severely damage your firm’s growth, revenue, and brand. With ICE Consulting Managed Services or On-Call Consulting, you can increase your IT security, simplify IT management, and create a sustainable environment. And keep your IT networking running smoothly — day in and out.

With ICE  — Better Manage All Aspects of Your IT

Our end-to-end services can manage all areas of your IT — we can become your outsourced IT department or we can fill in gaps in your onboard systems or provide consulting expertise as needed.  Don’t want to build your own IT infrastructure? We can audit, design, configure, install, and maintain IT systems for you. We do it all.

“ICE designed our data center, configured and installed the system and network, and are now managing it for us — 800+ physical servers, 100+ network switches, and more than 3-petabytes of data.

— Senior Director IT, Telecommunication Company

“ICE has helped us design and implement a robust IT infrastructure as our company grew from 25 employees to 200+ employees and are currently maintaining the existing systems and network.”

— Senior Director Bioinformatics & IT, Biotech Company

“When our company was moving to a new building, ICE took care of the new office and server-room build-out and IT-related services. ICE did it all. They mapped server-room, power, HVAC, and cabling requirements. They selected, ordered, and installed data and voice lines. They configured and set up our entire IT hardware and software infrastructure—servers, firewall, switches, backup, storage, and everything else. They worked directly with all the vendors and updated us weekly. In fact, ICE even worked with the moving company to transfer over our existing IT hardware and helped us settle in. Thanks to ICE, the move went very smoothly. ICE is now maintaining our IT infrastructure.”

— Vice President Bioinformatics & IT, Biotech Company

“ICE designed our infrastructure when we were only a twenty-employee company. As our business has grown — we now employ over a hundred people — ICE has been able to grow and manage our IT infrastructure with no trouble.”

— Vice President, Finance & Operations, Biotech Company

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